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We strive to be an indispensable part of your life and the most joyful moments with your loved ones.
Our initial idea was to create a luxury product, the product of the highest standards. Complex, fresh and modern, the products have to be distinguished from other brands in the category, through innovative design and successful branding.
Our product is designed for special occasions such as celebrations, birthdays and different kinds of events, but also for more intimate moments with your loved one. Amerov Honey, as well as our customers, are sophisticated, complex and intelligent. The product should flirt and interact with users in a smart and seductive way.


A merov Honey is a family brand operating under the umbrella of Hyper Group Ltd. The brand is manufacturer, distributоr and exporter of authentic, raw and non-pasteurized honey made in Bulgaria.

Jechka and Petar Amerov are personalities brought up in Christian principles and family values, firmly convinced of the power of entrepreneurial spirit and private initiative. They firmly believe in serious work, initiative and entrepreneurship, relationships and partnerships without lying, with correspondence between words and deeds.

When they first started they bought the first beehives aiming to produce small quantity of honey just for family and friends.

Amerovi sold their first jars to people in the local community in Varna, within two weeks they sold all the quantity they produced to neighbors and friends of their friends amazed how much better the honey tasted to what was already available.

They knew that this was because their honey was raw, not pasteurized and 100% authentic.
The family kept getting the same massage over and over again. Than Petar Amerov knew he had to make decision and expand the operations and make raw honey more readily available to everyone.

But there were “small” challenges and bumps in the road because honey production demands serious dedication during all stages – from choosing the right location and taking care of the bees to collecting the nectar, processing, packing and then distributing the honey.

So they dived fully into this endeavor and it paid off.

Along with their own production they purchase honey from other Bulgarian beekeepers who share the same values as treating the whole business operation like product derived from their own apiaries. Amerov Honey is gently warmed only to a maximum of 35°C (95°F), the max. which matches the temperature of a bee hive. This ensures that all the natural vitamins and enzymes as well as other nutritional elements are preserved.

Nature intends for honey to be raw, so that’s the way Amerov Honey keep it.

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