Bulgarian Honey Types
Bulgarian Honey Types
December 3, 2017

Honey Producer in Bulgaria

Amerov Honey production and export from Bulgaria

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Best Quality Available

Bee honey is a traditional Bulgarian export product highly appreciated all over the world. Amerov Honey is one of the best quality European honeys. Thanks to the rich plant species and preserved nature, bees collect acacia, linden, lavender, forest and wildflower honey with unique flavor and great quality along with over 500 wild herbs. We collect honey from our own hives and only when it’s fully matured to prevent fermentation.

Trade Certification

Amerov Honey use production line, which is compliant with all international standards and modern technical parameters. The whole production process is carried out in GMP, HACCP and IFS certified factory in full compliance with the EU standards. All the quality analyses are made at Intertek and Minerva - World Recognized Certified Bodies. Nonetheless all the incoming raw material is checked with in-house laboratory as well.

Effective Production

The modern production building allows us to produce more than 30 tons of processed honey for an 8-hour shift. A fully automated production lines with a capacity of more than 100k of jars per month. The annual production capacity of processed and packed honey can exceed 1000 tons of raw honey.

Logistics info

Primary Producer

Along with our own production we purchase honey from other Bulgarian beekeepers as treating the whole business operation like product derived from our own apiaries. Our honey is gently warmed only to a maximum of 35°C (95°F), the max. which matches the temperature of a bee hive. This ensures that all the natural vitamins and enzymes as well as other nutritional elements are preserved. Nature intends for honey to be raw, so that’s the way we keep it.
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