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Privacy Policy of Amerov Honey® Trademark of Hyper Group Ltd

We, Amerov Honey, are fully aware of the fact that you attach great importance to the careful treatment of your personal data. We respect your rights to privacy and personal rights and want you to feel safe and comfortable when visiting our web presence. This Privacy Policy provides you with comprehensive information on when and to what extent we collect your personal data and how we use and protect the data thus collected. We treat your personal data with the utmost care and in accordance with the provisions of the BDSG [Federal Data Protection Act]. By approving this Privacy Policy, you consent to your data being treated as described in the following for the mentioned purposes. You may at any time with effect for the future withdraw your consent.

Data controller

The data controller in terms of the BDSG is Amerov Honey® Trademark of Hyper Group Ltd. located at Varna 9008, Bulgaria, legally represented by Hyper Group Ltd., which is in turn legally represented by its CEO, Mr Petar AMEROV. Hyper Group Ltd. is the data controller that collects and processes your personal data. Within the scope permitted by the statutory regulations and for the purposes admitted by law and mentioned in this Privacy Policy, particularly those associated with the performance of contracts, the controller is authorised to transmit your data, including to other countries.

If data is transmitted to other countries, Hyper Group Ltd. will ensure that your personal data is treated with care in accordance with the European data protection level. The controller will conclude the relevant contractual agreements or ensure via a so-called “safe harbour” arrangement that its contractual partners also submit to the European data protection level.

Data collection

Without your consent, we will not collect any of your personal data via our webpages. You are the only person to decide whether you wish to disclose personal data or not. This may be required in connection with ordering a “cult product”, participating in a poll, registering, contacting the company or taking part in a sweepstake.

However, when accessing our webpages, some data is collected automatically. This is described in detail in the following. This data is collected exclusively for in-house market research purposes and the optimisation of our website’s user-friendliness, since we seek to continuously enhance the attractiveness of our pages for your benefit. The reference to specific persons in this data is eliminated in your interest. Only anonymized data is analysed, meaning that your data continues to be fully protected.

I Automatic data collection

1. Visitor information

When you visit our website, we collect various types of “visitor information” from you, including the IP address of your port, the date and time of your visit, the duration of the visit on our pages and the internet address of the website through which you accessed our internet pages.

2. Google Analytics

In addition, the website of Hyper Group Ltd. uses the Google Analytics service. This is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. that facilitates analysing the way the website is used. The information on how you use this website (including your IP address) that is generated by using Google Analytics is transmitted to and stored on one of Google Inc.’s servers in the US. Google will use this information only to analyse the way the website is used by preparing anonymized analyses and graphics regarding the number of visits, number of pages visited by each user, etc. We use this information exclusively for our own market research purposes and particularly for improving and enhancing the user-friendliness of our webpages. More information on the technology used by Google is available at  »

3. Cookies

When you access our webpages, information in the form of a small text file (“a cookie”) might be automatically stored on your hard disk temporarily (12 months). We only use these to gain information on how our webpages are used. They enable us to recognise your computer automatically the next time you access our website, but do not allow for identification of you as a person; they contain no personal data. Cookies enable us to identify your preferences and to tailor our webpages exactly to your needs and to thus improve our offer for your benefit.
If you do not wish that “cookies” are stored on your hard disk, you can adjust your browser settings accordingly. The help function in the menu bar of most web browsers will show you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to make your browser alert you when a cookie is about to be placed and how you can turn off the receipt of cookies completely. Please note that without cookies you are unable to use the shopping cart function in the “Cult Shop”, meaning that you must activate the cookie functionality if you wish to order a cult product.
As soon as you provide us with your personal data, you are no longer anonymous to us. In each individual case, you decide yourself which data you wish to disclose. However, in order to place an order in our Cult Shop you must provide us with certain data so we can process your order.

II General or product-related queries via the contact form

When you use our contact form to address a general or product-related enquiry to us, we will collect the personal data provided in the contact form, i.e. name, first name, address, postal code, city, telephone number and email address. You disclose this data voluntarily. You are not obliged to fill in all the fields in the contact form for each enquiry. Nevertheless, by providing the data you make it easier for us to contact you and to reply to your enquiry as fast and in as much detail as possible.

III. Utilisation of your personal data

1. Utilisation of your personal data in connection with contract performance and customer service

In the scope of contract performance and to improve customer relations, we need to store, process or utilise the data you provided us with for the designated purpose. Your personal data is only used to render the services you desire, to perform market research for our own purposes and to optimise and enhance user-friendliness of our website. We will in no event sell your data to third parties for other than the mentioned purposes, sell or distribute it otherwise or surrender it to third parties in any other inadmissible way.

2. Service provider obligation to treat your data with care

Insofar as we involve third parties to perform the tasks commissioned by you or by law, for example in connection with sending the ordered products, posting letters or emails, maintenance of our customer lists, analysis of our data bases, handling of payments, provision of customer services or the handling of sweepstakes, we carefully select these third party companies and ensure that they undertake to treat your personal data with care and for the designated purposes exclusively. We likewise oblige our employees to maintain secrecy and protect your privacy and personal sphere.

3. Anti-abuse measures

In individual cases, your personal data may also be used for anti-abuse measures, but only to the extent prescribed by law and required to prevent, discover or investigate potentially illegal activities.

4. Acquisition and transfer of business shares

Since we continuously further develop our business, we may acquire individual business shares, open branch offices or get involved in other forms of business, regardless of their legal form. In transactions of this type, customer information is usually transferred together with the part of the business that is transferred. The data is, nevertheless, still subject to the previously existing data protection rules, unless you as a customer express your explicit consent with other regulations. In the unlikely event that Hyper Group Ltd. itself is sold, either in full or in part, your personal data would also be handed over to the acquirer.

5. Upon prior explicit enquiry

In all other cases, we will inform you in advance if personal data is to be passed on to third parties, thus giving you the opportunity to express your consent also in this respect.

Hyper Group Ltd. as an employer

Hyper Group Ltd. welcomes unsolicited applications. When you address an unsolicited application to us, we will collect and use the essential data provided in this application, particularly data pertaining to your career, training and qualifications. We assume that you do not wish to subject the application to a time limit and that we are authorised to store your application documents in order to be able to contact you at a later point in time if necessary. We likewise assume that it is in your interest if we inform other associated companies within the group of receiving your application and if we provide these companies with your documents, insofar as we have no present need in our company, but there may be a need in another group company. If this is not in your interest, we ask you to clearly express this in your application.


We have taken technical and organisational measures in the scope of website administration to protect your data against intentional or accidental manipulation, unauthorised third party access, loss, destruction or modification. We continuously improve this protection with state-of-the-art technology, involving renowned specialists to do so. However, as you probably know, third parties can intercept transfers or messages or access these and thus abuse your personal data, which they collect on the website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the confidentiality of your personal data or messages will always be maintained, even though we take all measures to protect your data.

We further point out expressly that there are advertisers or companies commissioned by them, who apply technologies that can be used to transfer advertisements that are shown on our website directly to your browser, thereby sending your IP address to third parties. Some of these companies also use other technical means to measure the efficiency of their advertisements and to make the contents thereof more personal. We have neither access to nor control of the cookies thus used or other means that may be applied by such third parties. The treatment of data by such third parties and webpages is not covered by this Privacy Policy. Please contact these companies directly, if need be and you wish to obtain information on their data protection rules.


Langnese Honig GmbH & Co. KG does not offer products for sale to minors. Even our products that are designed for children may only be purchased by adults. If you are not of full age, you may only use these Langnese Honig pages together with a parent or guardian.

In addition, we recommend that parents and supervising persons familiarise their children with the safe use of personal data on the internet and that they advise them not to transfer personal data to our webpages without their parents or supervising persons’ consent. At the same time, we guarantee that we neither deliberately collect the personal data of children nor use this in any way.

Information, rectification and erasure

If you have any questions regarding data protection at Hyper Group Ltd. or wish to know which of your data we have stored for which purpose and to whom we have transmitted this data, you may contact us any time by writing to the address stated in item A. or by sending an email via the following link

Upon your request, we are of course also willing to modify or erase your data. If erasure of the data is not admissible due to statutory provisions on retention, we will block your data in accordance with Section 35 (3) BDSG.


This declaration of consent may be revoked any time with effect for the future. Revocation letters by post are to be addressed to:

Hyper Group Ltd.
23 Mayor Mincho Dimitriev str.
Varna 9008

However, you may also send your revocation via email to the following email address: