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Bulgarian Honey Prices
December 15, 2017
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January 26, 2018

Raw Wildflower Honey

WIldflower honey is a polyfloral honey variety

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Polyfloral honeys, also known as wildflower honey varieties are produced by honey bees using the nectar from many different flower species. Such honeys do not display the pure characteristics of any of their production level nectar sources. In contrast, these honey varieties represent the qualities of many flowers acting in concert. One of the neatest things about polyfloral honey varieties is their absolute uniqueness. This type of honey is highly appreciated for its rich flavor profile, nutritional and medicinal qualities as well as higher content of minerals compared to most monofloral honeys. The darker the color of the honey, the more natural pigments it contains which is the cause of a stronger antioxidant action. Rich in different pollen types and varied nutritional profile, polyflora honey contribute a stronger immune system and better health. Each nectar in its composition brings elements with a unique therapeutic action, making wildflower honey delicious and healthier option.

Natural Polyfloral Honey Origins

Polyfloral honeys, also known as wildflower honey

Polyflora honey is the most popular and common honey and, at the same time, the rarest. Because it is composed of field and mountain species blossoming at a particular period of time in a specific place, it is essentially impossible to reproduce it exactly every next year. Wildflower Honey has distinctly floral undertones. In fact, the wildflower honey can never be the same because it combines the unique combination of different plants from which the bees have taken the nectar. The biggest advantage of a honey bouquet, however, is the unique richness of flavors and aromas it possesses. Aroma is vary based on the nectar source. The unique color appearance depends on different nectars, medium or darker amber, brown-reddish reflection. This Pure and Natural Polyflora Honey is Raw and has very fast crystallization into fine crystals therefore it will set as Raw Honey does.
The health benefits of wildflower honey are many due to its nutrients rich content and anti-microbial properties. The bees are provided with thousands plant species to collect nectar from. One third of these species are used as herbs in the medicine (Camomile, Melissa, Oregano, Thistle, Thyme, Hawthorn, etc).

Wildflower Honey for Sale

Amerov Honey is a Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of organic and natural honey

Our business model is to operate both the primary production and the processing and packaging. This allows us to strictly monitor and control the whole process and deliver only high quality products. Amerov Honey use production line, which is compliant with all international standards and modern technical parameters. The whole production process is carried out in GMP, HACCP and IFS certified factory in full compliance with the EU standards. All the quality analyses are made at Intertek and Minerva - World Recognized Certified Bodies. Nonetheless all the incoming raw material is checked with in-house laboratory as well.

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